3 steps to success: Nat Ho on Asking for help, Perseverance, and Courage

Nat is showing the world that failure is a motivator to begin again but better


Singapore is making it into the Kpop scene! Nat Ho has just released his single Ferris Lights.

Nat’s career began in Singapore when he emerged as one of the top 30 contestants on “Singapore Idol”, and acted in famous dramas like “The Little Nyonya”.

Image taken from Instagram @iamnatho

Soon after, Nat moved to Seoul and has recently released his new song called “Ferris Lights”, marking a milestone in his songwriting dreams.

Here are 3 things Nat did that helped him achieve his goals.

Ask for help

Despite being unfamiliar with the Korean language and culture, Nat did not stop himself from trying his best and moving towards his goals.

“I’m somebody who prides myself on being pretty independent. I don’t like to ask for help, cause I just don’t like to trouble people. So I think (this move) was a really good learning point for me, to learn how to ask for help”, Nat shared with 8Days.

There is a lot to learn from being in a new environment. Asking for help, especially when we are a ‘newbie’, may feel embarrassing to do. But a big takeaway for Nat is that asking for help will not only help him learn about his work and what he is doing, but also help him learn more about himself and his sense of ego.

Image taken from Instagram @iamnatho

Find Courage

Fear of failure can prevent us from trying new things. It can even stop us in our tracks before we begin. Nat showed his courage in creating his own path, even at the age of 39, by chasing his dreams despite it being the road less travelled.

Age shouldn’t be a deterrent when purusing what you love! We can always start our journey again.


Nat also attended Yonsei’s Korean Language Program where he shared that he failed and had to repeat the first two levels of the program.

Some of you may be sitting through mid-term quizzes and tests just before the March holidays, and may be worrying on passing or getting a good grade to enjoy the holiday stress-free.

When Nat experienced failure, he found that learning from his mistakes, and the commitment to practise and work on his weak areas helped him clear the first two levels of the program, allowing the sweet satisfacation of achievment to set in.

Image taken from Instagram @iamnatho

Failing isnt the end of the world.  Just like Nat, we can learn from our mistakes to become better and stronger!

Here’s are more tips on acheiving success:


Managing rejection



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