“Cause Baby I Could Build a Castle, Out of All the Bricks They Threw At Me”

As Singapore gears up for concerts by Taylor Swift and Kpop band SHINee, here are some things we can learn from both about resilience.


What do Taylor Swift and SHINee have in common? For starters, they both have concerts in Singapore this coming March. Swift will be performing her highly anticipated Eras Tour from second to ninth March at the National Stadium while SHINee will be performing on second March at the Indoor Stadium.

Additionally, both artists have had careers spanning more than a decade, and both have had to deal with their fair share of setbacks and criticisms. Looking at their long careers, there are many things one can learn about resilience.

A Tribute To A Lost Friend

Source: https://www.straitstimes.com/life/entertainment/k-pop-group-shinee-return-to-s-pore-for-march-2-show-same-day-as-taylor-swift-s-first-concert

For instance, many fans may recall when SHINee lost front man Jonghyun in 2017. His death, later ruled a suicide, sparked the discussion of pressures in the kpop industry. Eventually, the members decided to continue their Japan tour after Jonghyun’s death, as they felt that this was a way to honor his legacy.

Band member Minho was quoted as saying during the concert: “It’s not only for this stage, but from now on, we will always think that all five of us are taking the stage. Please promise us one thing; to always remember Jonghyun.” In doing so, SHINee reframed a tragic incident and used it as motivation to keep going, using their performances to remember and pay tribute to Jonghyun.

Sticking to Your Goals

Source: https://www.billboard.com/music/chart-beat/taylor-swift-first-act-spend-100-weeks-artist-100-chart-1235615517/

Swift also faced backlash when she decided to re-record her albums, following a public dispute with her former record label. In fact, Forbes magazine even wrote an article headlined “For Taylor Swift, Re-Recording Her Old Hits Might Not be the Right Move”. Of course, Forbes promptly ate their words when the re-recordings turned out to be a success, culminating in the wildly popular ‘Eras Tour’.

Despite the dissenters, Swift pushed on, remaining steadfast in her goal of owning her music. Even when she was criticized, she stayed true to what she believed was right for her. Sometimes, doing what is right for us can be difficult, but in these times it is important to remember why we are working toward our goals, which can motivate us to continue.

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