Le Sserafim: An easier way of looking at things

How do we become like the girls of Le Sserafim? How do we make things look easy, or better yet actually do things with ease?


LE SSERAFIM has just won Music Bank and it was ‘Easy’!

The bop track Easy loops continuously the lyrics ‘Damn, I really make it look easy’, making you feel like you can do anything and be anything.

Le Sserafim shares with Teen Vogue 2 key takeaways on how to make things look ‘easy’:

Image taken from Instagram: @le_sserafim

Growth mindset

Idols make everything ‘look easy’. They have to perform with 100% energy and exude confidence all the time. But the girls shared that everyone has insecurities and that believing that other people have it ‘easy’ all the time leads to a vicious cycle of comparison.

Kazuha: “We have always sung very strong, confident, self-assured types of songs, but even those people who are really self-confident have their own vulnerabilities. They’re not always confident. I think that happens to everybody. One day, I feel like I can do anything. But when we have to prepare a new album or if there’s some new challenge that comes my way, I do feel fear and vulnerable. That said, I think pressure can sometimes motivate me and help me grow to put out really good results, so I try to enjoy those vulnerabilities and fears”.

While our goal is to do things with ease, Kazuha’s growth mindset is something we can learn from. Everytime we are in a situation that isnt ‘easy’, it is a chance to learn and grow to gain insights about ourselves from the challenges we face.

The courage to learn, especially after a difficult situation or failing is admirable. I guess that’s what they meant by “Failure is the mother of success”.

Image taken from Instagram: @le_sserafim

Never give up

When asked what the girls were proud of achieving, they shared that they were proud of their determination.

Chaewon: “Zuha always works hard to get better. Even when we are taking a break, she just practises on her own. I love how she’s always so diligent, I’m so proud of her for that. She’s also always very thankful for everything, and she has this positive mindset. I think the positive people are the strongest people, so that’s something I really like about her”.

“Easy” comes with practice and the willingness to learn. While it may be tough at first, the ability to not give up and to continue towards your goals are what you should be proud of!

Image taken from Instagram: @le_sserafim

Here are some ways to ease your journey to become a better one:

Positive Emotions

Resilience, mental toughness


Gif taken from  Instagram: @le_sserafim


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