Fifty Fifty, Rejection and our Bridgit Mendler core

Singapore recently held auditions for K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty, here are some things we can learn from the experience


What should we do if we were rejected, especially after putting a lot of effort into our work?

Recently, K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty held their global auditions in Singapore in search of the next-generation members. Famous Tiktoker Lana, or otherwise known as @lananinano, shared that she, too, auditioned to be in a K-pop band before.

Image taken from Instagram: @fiftyfiftyaudition

After being dropped from the show, Lana embraced her “Bridgit Mendler core” as she pursued a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Science at The University of Oxford. In case you are wondering, Bridget Mendler is popular child star who started out in Disney Channel, is now CEO of a space- satellite company, pursuing her PHD and being mum to a four year old.

Here are 2 things we can try when things don’t turn out as we planned:

Invest in social connections

Rejection hits our sense of belonging and may make us feel that we don’t deserve the love and acceptance from others. Those who truly love us, will do so regardless of what we have achieved or not.

Seeking close and trusted friends during and after any rejection experience, and expressing our experience can be powerful. It allows us to feel heard and seen, and might even allow us to process the experience after some time.

Image taken from Tiktok: @lananinano

Interpret your experience with self-compassion

It’s quite normal to notice your weaknesses more in times of failure which will only reinforce the sense of discouragement and ostracism. Another way around this it to reframe the failure and to look at the other qualities that we have as a person. For example, you may not have a great singing voice, but people find you humorous or warm and friendly.

They say that a rejection is a redirection into something better. For Lana, the pursuit of a Bachelors and Master’s in Science could well be that something better.

Image taken from Tiktok: @lananinano

Personal growth as a better way forward

Also, we can choose to look at the experience from an angle of personal growth or to better understand the industry that have not chosen us.

Remind yourself that it is a normal part of life to be rejected and that rejection doesn’t define your self-worth and value. Just like Lana, we can get back up on our feet and turn our journey into a “Bridgit Mendler core”, or even a “Taylor Swift core”.

Whatever core/era we choose, the goal is to not avoid rejection, but it’s about learning how to use it to strengthen our core and become a better version of ourselves.


Read more about overcoming rejection here.


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Growth mindset


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