Amber Liu, on finding self love and being comfortable in one’s own skin

How do we appreciate the smaller things in our lives? Maybe it starts from within

Gif taken from Pinterest: @Cyann Takashi; Image Taken from Instagram: @amberliu

Amber, former main rapper of K-pop girl group f(x) kicks off her ‘No More Sad Songs’ world tour with some advise that we could use if we are moving into a new phase of life!

Image taken from Instagram: @amberliu

So you’ve graduated or maybe you are going to a different school as your besties, and it feels like you have to prove your worth in this new phase of your life.

I know, that sounds like a big yikes. Going on to a new stage in life is difficult, topped with the idea of wanting to “do it all” adds on to the pressure.

Here are 2 tips Amber shared with Nylon Manila that life doesn’t have to be stressful all the time.

Image taken from Instagram: @amberliu

“Saying no is part of being okay with the silence”

Doing everything, or the mental prep of wanting to do everything, can result in burnout. In today’s society, it may feel like everything we do needs to be productive and added to our portfolios. In Amber’s case, it was about wanting to take on every opportunity and project that came her way to be the “next big thing” and prove herself to her record label.

Overworking can feed a vicious cycle of false guilt, where the more we work the more we believe that our worth is being measured by how much we achieve.

But, that isnt the case!

According to Amber, our worth isnt measured by our successes or how much we achieve but how we love and treat ourselves and others along the way.

Image taken from Instagram: @amberliu

“Learning to be at peace with yourself takes time”

While some of us may have milestones or goals that we want to achieve by a certain age or life stage, we should also cater for unexpected curveballs life throws at us that may cause our plans to be delayed.

Amber shared that she doesnt beat herself up to get a song completed. Instead, she puts a placeholder or what she feels in the moment and revisits it a few weeks later.

Likewise, we can revisit our goals or shift them to fit our needs as our circumstances change. Don’t beat yourself up over things you cant control!

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