EXO Baekhyun, take on Personality tests and finding out who he is.

Are you an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? Or, do you feel like you can be a mixture, like an introverted extrovert? Let’s find out

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Which Cake R U? That’s the popular CakeResume Taiwan-based quiz to find out what kind of work personality you have.

Following the virality of the “Innate Personality” quiz that assigns you one of 16 personalities that were similar to Pokemon types, Which Cake R U shows your work personality in one of six adorable cakes — Layer Cake, Roll Cake, Cupcake, Strawberry Cake, Tiramisu and Macaron — at the end of the quiz.

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As Baekhyun is in Singapore for his Asia Tour, he shared in an interview with W Korea that leading up to the tour he was trying to figure out who he really is.

“My MBTI changed during the break from ISFP to ESTJ. I’ve been known as a homebody for a long time among my friends. But I’m actually an extrovert and a very active person.”

Our personality is not fixed. It can change based on circumstances and the people we surround ourselves with. There’s no exact way to find out what our “true” personality because we are complex and have many facets. Perhaps that’s the beauty of us humans – we can’t be labelled or be put in a box!

Image taken from W Korea

“I want to deliver encouraging lyrics. And deliver the message that you shouldn’t give up easily and try to face more challenges.”

Be kind to yourself when you are in the process of figuring out who you are. Uncertainty sucks, but it is through this uncertainty period where we find ourselves and strengths.

As Baekhyun says, being kind to ourselves by understanding our body cues, such as when to take rests, eat, drink water, or exercise, is one way to nurture and nourish ourselves. That way, we can figure out what are some of our limits and strengths are.

These personality tests are a fun indication to help you navigate certain situations and gauge who you are at a certain stage in life, but remember that they aren’t fixed definitions of who you are!

PS, I’m a Roll Cake!

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Images taken from W Korea


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