BlackPink, Rosé, on overcoming loneliness

How to escape from the social media trap of loneliness? Rosé from BlackPink has some tips for Blinks!


On her 27th birthday, Rosé surprised her fans with the release of her self-composed song ‘Vampirehollie’.

Being part of the supergroup Blackpink and being loved by so many, it’s hard to imaging that Rosé would feel lonely. Yet, she shared that despite having a large following on social media, it makes her feel lonely because if  the criticism that she gets.

She shares 2 pieces of advice with Blinks on how to deal with loneliness, especially in the age of social media.

Image taken from Instagram: @roses_are_rosie

Clocking out of social media

“I do feel like some of the things I do are just never enough, and no matter how hard I work on something, there’s always gonna be somebody who has their own opinion or who enjoys taking control of the narrative.” 

While social media has a lot of positives like allowing us to share our lives with friends, it’s easy to slip into comparisons when we only focus on those who are seemingly better than us.

Research has shown that whatever we consume online will affect our overall well being. This is because the human brain is wired to pay attention to information that scares or unsettles us. Historically, this has been a good thing: we’re programmed to detect threats instead of overlooking them.

But this could be detrimental to our mental health if left unchecked!

Managing our online consumption requires self awareness. This includes setting good social media boundaries for yourself!

Image taken from Instagram: @roses_are_rosie

It’s real, even if you don’t post it online

“And so that comes to me as a sense of loneliness.”

Some of us may have many followers and countless liking our post but deep down inside, the feeling of loneliness persist.

There are many things we could do to reduce our feelings of loneliness. One good way if to get connected to people face to face. Play some sports, or go for a dance class, or better still, try some volunteering. (Big loud hint, shadee.care needs you!) Whatever these activities are, resist doing these activities solely for the sake of posting them online to gain more likes.

Doing things we like will make us feel more fulfilled and inspired. But, if we seek validation and approval from others, these activities will start to feel like a chore and it will increase our sense of loneliness.

While getting likes may feel rewarding, intrinsic motivation is more fulfilling! No matter how many likes we get, if we don’t feel good about ourselves, it won’t make up for the emptiness that we feel inside!

Image taken from Instagram: @roses_are_rosie

If you are a Singaporean youth, find your tribe in our Discord Chat groups, make some friends and get some support.

So do it like Rosé, know your worth, know your power and step into a powerful Blink!



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