Ariana Grande within the more than friends zone

Can we or can’t we be friends with someone we like but aren’t together with? Ariana’s new song may have some insights on that

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Ariana Grande’s new song we can’t be friends talks about the hidden love you have for someone and waiting in hopes that one day you guys may end up together. Do you think we can still remain friends with someone who we can’t be with currently?

Let’s see what Ariana has to say

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“I don’t wanna tiptoe, but I don’t wanna hide”

It must be difficult when we have to hide our feelings for someone, when we just want to be with them and talk to them. Perhaps we want to fill the void of emptiness or loneliness we feel from being single. But what exactly is this void? We can only tackle it if we know what exactly we are feeling empty from.

Loneliness is a longing for attention, understanding, and comfort from another. It’s wanting companionship and a desire to share your life. It could also be a weariness from doing everything by yourself.

So how do we deal with this big, dark void?

One way is to reframe your mindset on loneliness or being alone.

Independence and wholeness are the sexist most attractive characteristics. The sweetness of self-love and self-satisfaction radiates from you and you will start to feel a little more confident, a little more proud of yourself, and a little more love for yourself.

Image taken from Instagram: @arianagrande

“I don’t like how you paint me, yet I’m still here hanging”

It is also important that rejection,  heartbreaks or not being in a relationship yet doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough to be in a relationship, or that you aren’t good enough in general. Everyone wants to feel love and celebrated.

But a relationship shouldn’t be there to fill the emptiness you feel inside. This is because it could lead to unhealthy codependency and you may unknowingly be asking your partner to show up for you in ways that only you can solve from within.

While we can’t be with the person we like at this moment, perhaps we can ask ourselves what we can do for ourselves till then?

Image taken from Instagram: @arianagrande

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Image taken from Instagram: @arianagrande


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