ASTRO Cha Eun Woo opening up and leaning on loved ones

How is he doing since losing bestie Moonbi?


After Moonbi’s passing, a scene of Eun Woo crying in the show “Master in the House” reflected the pain and loss he was feeling at that time. He said:

“It’s really nice to have someone on my side. The term ‘someone on my side’ is not an easy one, and it resonated deeply with me. It’s not easy to open up and share not only my worries but all of my inner thoughts with someone.”

Image taken from Allkpop

Eun Woo also celebrated Moonbi’s birthday with a song he posted on Youtube after his Moonbi’s passing. Eun Woo posted the video at 1:26 Korea time, a thoughtful nod to Moonbin’s birthday of January the 1st.

In the midst of grief, we may find it hard to talk about our feelings. Sometimes, we may not even know how we are feeling in that moment ourselves.


They say that grief is love with no place to go to. Oftentimes, the advice is to channel that love to yourself especially during this sad and tough situation. But, I think what we can learn from Eun Woo is that we can still honour our loved ones by “keeping them alive” in the ways we can.

Sharing their story or your memories with them will be painful at first, but looking at these moments as how lucky we are to experience life with them may ease the grief just a little.

Image taken from Allkpop

Opening up to others

Vulnerability and support are things we slowly cultivate for ourselves. Eun Woo also shared:

 “I’m not good at opening up, even with close friends or family. I don’t know if it was because of that thought, but something came up and my tears came out.”

The journey of opening up to people and being vulnerable doesn’t begin with revealing your deepest secrets, but through tiny steps and revelations. Start small by sharing about your favourite movie, or a meme you just saw.

After that, you could start by sharing a bit more during your next conversation, like your thoughts on a current event. Get use to the feeling of opening up and navigating the responses by other’s during this process. This can help us to be emotional aware of how open others are to our story and the limitations of their support.

Image taken from Allkpop

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Image taken from Instagram: @eunwo.o_c


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