Hamilton, the Musical, works through unimaginable grief


Some may think that a musical about a lesser known American founding father may have nothing to do with young people in Singapore, but when said musical sweeps the the awards at the Tonys, the most prestigious awards for Broadway productions, people pay attention.

Heard about the musical Hamilton? The rap musical, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, is set to play at the Sands Theatre from 19 April to 9 June this year. Tickets are selling out fast, too.

While many may take away a History lesson (with artistic liberties) from the musical, did you know that it also teaches a few things about mental health?

Hamilton, official Trailer, Disney+, Walt Disney Studios

 Lessons on Grief

Grief can feel like an uncomfortable, intense, and heart wrenching emotion, one most people would love to avoid. Like it or not, grief is an inevitable part of life. It can have significant impacts on mental health, and when avoided, can lead to further issues such as depression.

In ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’, the cast and Hamilton narrate the aftermath of an ‘unimaginable’ loss the Hamilton family has suffered. It is a melancholic and poignant song, featuring cast members walking slowly around the stage and Hamilton and his wife, Eliza, standing still. Just as the performers portray, grief is not something one can ‘push away’ but must be experienced slowly, with grace and self-compassion. 

Additionally, the inclusion of his wife, Eliza, in an especially heartfelt moment shows viewers that grieving cannot happen alone. Those who are suffering through this moment together with us are important to the grieving process, as it helps people to relate to one another.

Hamilton, official Trailer, Disney+, Walt Disney Studios

Legacy, What is a Legacy?

Finally, the most important lesson Hamilton teaches us about grief is that we should continue sharing and speaking about our loved ones. Eliza, who outlives everyone in the musical, uses her grief as a way to make positive changes in her community, all to honor the ones who have come before her. By telling Hamilton’s story, Eliza keeps him, and his comrades, alive, making the heavy load of grief a little easier to bear on her shoulders.



Not everyone go through grief in the same way. Here an article about how young people may experience grief.

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