My Daemon: 3 Ways True Friends Are Our Safe Havens


We’re often faced with challenging circumstances in our lives, pressures to live up to expectations, to conform and to brave it all. Sometimes in order to keep going, we need to retreat to spaces where we can feel safe and accepted.

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Kento Tachibana finds solace in his friendship with Anna, a dog-like Daemon, after his mother’s passing. In a world where Daemons are hunted and enslaved, Anna finds kindness and protection in Kento. True friendship offers unconditional love and support. Friends can be our much-needed shelter that allows us to rest when we are weary.

They love us for who we are

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Anna was all skin and eyes but Kento loved her anyway. In a world where Daemons were feared and shunned, Kento embraced Anna wholeheartedly. Similarly, our world often judges us for being not good enough in meeting its demanding and unrealistic standards. True friends embrace us regardless. Their care can be fertile ground for self-awareness and growth. They allow us room to breathe and be, and pave the way for us to love ourselves.


They give us (emotional) shelter

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When Kento’s mother was killed. Anna stood by his side and let him grieve. When Anna was afraid or exhausted, Kento held her gently in his arms. It’s hard to keep going as life pelts us with more hardship. There are many places where we cannot openly express our sadness, anger or even joy, such as in school or at work. By holding space for our feelings, true friends witness and allow us to feel. Our sadness and joy are never too much for them. Rather, many of them are glad to know that they are trusted to care for us. This allows us to heal, get back on our feet and summon the courage to face the world again.


We can rely on them for kindness

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On top of the persecution of Daemons that Anna had to endure, she was also hunted by greedy corporations for her interdimensional storage power. Kento was her refuge in a threatening and frightening world. Our struggles can be made worse by others’ critiques and sometimes even negative self-talk.

True friends offer us a respite. They speak kindly to us when we and others have trouble being kind to ourselves. They soothe our hurts and empathize even when they don’t understand our experiences. They tell us that we are worthy and loved, and are more than happy to prove it to us when we need it most.


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