Like it’s Magnetic with ILLIT

How do we be magnetic like ILLIT? Let's find out!


ILLIT has been Magnetic, drawing us in with their latest debut. 

Image taken from Instagram: @illit_official

ILLIT shared with Teen Vogue what they have learnt from their journey since the survival show, R U Next? and how they cope with change and pressure.

Minju: “Throughout the process of training and preparing to debut, I realized that there’s always so much more for me to learn. I came across a lot of my shortcomings, and learned that making up for such shortcomings always takes time and practice!”

Iroha: “During preparations for debut, I came to understand that you truly experience “growth” when you go beyond the limits you set for yourself. As a trainee, I sometimes felt like I was going in circles because, in my head, I had this set definition of what I’m capable of. But at one point, I started to change my perspective, always thinking, “I can do more than this.”

Challenging and reframing thoughts that don’t serve us and taking perspective has helped ILLIT stay tops despite the punishing demands of being a Kpop celeb.

Having a growth mindset means taking on a good attitude in the face of challenges. This means looking for opportunities to learn from mistakes or changes, patience to find out where your weaknesses are, and tapping on resilience to get back up in the face of rejection or failures.

Image taken from Instagram: @illit_official

On the topic of success Wonhee also shared that they are inspired by other kpop groups like LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans.

Wonhee:“There is so much we can learn from them. I’m always in awe about their stage presence. I always think to myself, I hope that ILLIT will be an expressive K-pop artist who truly knows how to showcase our uniqueness on stage!”

Wonhee talked about being confident with the person that you are and recognizing your own capabilities and strength. Instead of comparing your weaknesses to others, perhaps we could look at them as sources of motivation to get better.

Self reflection can help narrow the gap on where you are right now between where you want to be. Despite setbacks and mistakes, if you work towards having a growth mindset and a willing to try and learn attitude, you just might become like IILLIT – Magnetic!

Find out more on how you can be Magentic like ILLIT:


Growth Mindset

Resilience, mental toughness

Image taken from Instagram: @illit_official


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