Niall Horan on showing up to love and life

From the biggest boy band to his own solo show, Horan knows a thing or two about what life is about.


We know and love Niall since his One Direction days. And now, he is touring the world and coming to Singapore for his concert ‘The Show’!

Image taken from Instagram: @nialhoran


Niall shared during an interview with Rolling Stone that he realised ‘The Show’ was “a metaphor for life”.

“When there’s no heartbreak [to write about], you have to come up with a different concept. “I realised quite quickly that what I wanted to talk about was the ups and downs and good and bad of life. That’s ‘The Show’.”

But what happens when we feel like the bad times are too much? What should we do then?

Image taken from Instagram: @nialhoran


When times change, you need to change as well

When One Direction went on a “indefinite hiatus” in January 2016, it was tough to see what lay ahead and how to navigate the changes. Niall shared that while there was no competition between the members, they each focused on their own journey.

Even when we don’t like the changes that are happening in our lives, Niall reminds us that we should focus on what we can do in the moment to help make our journey easier. Consider these changes as opportunities to grow and learn new things. While it may be frustrating in the moment, recognise which situations are within your control!


Build your positive thinking muscles to deal with hard times

No matter how hard it seems, tough times are never a lost course. You get to learn how to be resourceful and strengthen your resilience.

It is okay if you experience those days where you could do nothing. It is perfectly human if you break down.We all need time to process our emotions and what is happening in our lives, so don’t feel guilty about it.

The Show reminds me of the quote “All sunshine and no rain makes a desert”, as it puts the tough situations in our lives into a bigger perspective.

Image taken from Instagram: @nialhoran

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