Kdrama Queen Of Tears on making a good relationship

Not only did the latest Kdrama Queen of Tears give us a wave of emotions, it has also taught us valuable life lessons we can use in our relationships

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The popularity of Queen of Tears, is said to have trounce timeless K-dramas like ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and ‘Crash landing on you’.

Besides the popularity of the stars and their sterling portrayal of the characters, the storyline mirrors the common relationship woes that many young couples find themselves engulfed in.

The K-drama tells the story of a married couple Baek Hyun-Woo (played by Kim Soo-Hyun) and Hong Hae-In (played by Kim Ji-Won) rekindling their love after going through a crisis.

Here are our key takeaways:

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Communication is key

Any relationship, not just love, is a two-way street that requires consistent effort from both parties. This includes making room for each other’s boundaries and needs, without minimising your own.

“We probably fell apart due to trivial matters. We said things we didn’t mean and protected our ego. And that caused stupid misunderstandings. Instead of knocking on your door, it was probably easier to stay in my room and resent you”, Hae-In told Hyun-Woo.

The lack of communication feeds into assumptions and misunderstanding, causing the couple’s relationship to deteriorate. Their relationship shows us that self-awareness helps us understand people and ourselves better, allowing us to communicate better in our relationships. Read more about self awareness here.

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Recognising Love Language

Besides the lack of communication, the couple also failed to recognise the different ways that they each expressed love.

Hyun-Woo’s language of love is giving gifts as seen from the very start when he gave Hae-In his umbrella and had to brave the rain himself. But Hae-In never really caught that language of love. When he bought her gifts for their first anniversary she said that it was a waste of money. And when he didn’t do anything the subsequent anniversary’s, she thought he didn’t care.

Meanwhile, Hae-in’s language of love is acts of service, being there for her when the going gets tough. Kudos to Hyun-Woo, as he finally understood it and demonstrated it by protecting her with his life.

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In-laws, besties and ties that bind

Hyun Woo’s initial decision for divorce was very much the result of having to navigate a highly enmeshed and combative family circle.

Hyun-Woo himself had a close knit family and they were always by his side. When Hae-In and her family were being thrown out of their homes and had nowhere to go, they sought refuge with Hyun-Woo’s family in Yongduri. Despite their divorce, Hyun-Woo and his family still decided to help Hae-In and her family because of Hyun-Woo’s love for Hae-In.

Hae-In’s family eventually pulled together in times of crisis, demonstrating the importance of family support.

Often, when we sail off to our happily ever after, we tend to leave behind our friends.

Hyun-Woo’s friend Kim Yang-Gi (played by Moon Tae-Yu) was someone Hyun-Woo could always depend on. In many episodes, Yang-Gi extended a helping hand to Hyun-Woo, and provided support whenever he could. Finding a good friend like Yang-Gi is not easy, and if we’re fortunate to meet someone like him, it’s important to cherish them.

How does it end?

What if we had done just that? If we had applied ointment on time, disinfected our wounds, and replaced our bandages every time, would things have been different?

Navigating relationships can be perplexing but watching Queen of Tears provides the glimmer of hope. Maybe, if we hang in there, let some things slide and rough through those teary times, we will rekindle the love that we first felt for each other.

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