Olivia Rodrigo: Obsessing over that other person.

Olivia’s new song Obsessed tells us that we should leave the ghosts of the past behind


Jealousy and comparison are two biggest haters of love but nobody will ever want to admit that these monsters hide in our closet . Olivia’s new song “Obsessed” sets them loose for up-close scrutiny. 

Image taken from Instagram: @oliviarodrigo

“If you knew how much I looked at her pictures / You would think we’re best friends”

While this song is about feeling threatened by and ‘obsessed’ with  your partner’s ex, it could be anyone that you compare yourself with.

These feelings could stem from multiple reasons, such low self-esteem, obsessing in only one feature or aspect in your life or allowing social norms to define us.

While obsessions are clearly blind spots in some of our lives, those who are aware of it may find it a losing battle against the green eyed monster.

Image taken from Instagram: @oliviarodrigo

“I know her star sign, I know her blood type”

When we obsess about all the petty things out of envy, we end up in a roller coaster of feeling good when we are better off and feel beaten when they appear better.

what should we do if we find ourselves stuck in this never ending comparison?

First, we have to silence the outside noise and dig deep as to why we feel this way. Second, it is important to recognise that stalking others’ on social media or thinking about the past only keeps this feeling alive. Leaving the past and comparison behind is easier said than done. However, we need to remind ourselves our end goal – which is whether we want to be happy or jealous.

In the meantime, instead of being obsessed with this other person how about being “obsessed” with yourself? Focus on all your good points,  do things that make you happy and work on self-improvement.

Image taken from Instagram: @oliviarodrig bu

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Images taken from Instagram: @oliviarodrigo


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