The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic

Taking Breaks To Heal


Accidentally swallowed into an otherworld on a rainy day, Ken Usato found that he had a rare affinity for healing magic. Still, he had a lot of training to catch up on. In a stroke of genius, Usato learned to use his healing magic on himself instead of just healing others that were injured in battle. This unusual tactic proved useful as it allowed him to keep up with his peers and training.


As Usato can’t keep training endlessly without healing himself, we will run out of steam quickly if we don’t take breaks to rest. It’s easy to tell ourselves we don’t have time to take breaks especially when working on a big project or have exams coming up. However, carrying on for long hours actually does us a lot worse than good.



Studies have found that taking breaks can mitigate stress and help to maintain performance throughout the day. They can also reduce exhaustion and the need for a long recovery at the end of the day.


A study by Korpela, Kinnunen, Geurts, de Bloom and Sianoja (2016) found that taking breaks increases levels of energy at work and decreases exhaustion. Furthermore, taking breaks is an important preventative measure against many stress-related illnesses that can arise in the long run.


Here are some types of breaks you can take to give yourself a boost during the day:


  1. Relaxing breaks

A relaxing break such as taking a walk or doing some stretching can help you come down from a heightened state. Doing this can help to reset your mood, thereby promoting positive wellbeing and reducing stress.


  1. Social breaks

Social breaks, such as chatting with your peers, have also been found to be beneficial. These interactions allow you to share your experiences and feel part of a group. This feeling of relatedness, during a social break shows a positive association with feeling recovered after the break.


  1. Mini breaks

Mini breaks consist of just a few minutes away from your work. This can be getting a drink or washing your face to refresh yourself. Mini breaks help support your wellbeing and increase productivity despite their short duration.



It’s easy to forget to take breaks when you get lost in your work or feel frustrated that something isn’t going well. Here are some tips to remind you to regularly step away and rebuild your energy.


  • Agree on break times with your peers and help each other to stick to the break time you’ve agreed
  • Set an alarm on your phone to prompt you
  • Set checkpoints in your work like a word count or chapter end to take breaks at
  • Plan to do something in your break that you enjoy – it gives you something to look forward to and help focus in the interim


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iKon, Take Off by taking things in their strides

iKON, Take Off by taking things in their strides

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