Aespa: Supernova, are you avatar or self?

How do we determine our personality?


Aespa’s Supernova is perfect all-kill on the charts!

A Supernova is defined as a powerful and luminous explosion of a star (from Wikipedia). And the girls liken themselves to be a supernova – confident in their own skin and powerful.

But how do we be confident yet authentic? How do we know who we really are?

Image taken from Instagram: @aespa_official

A slice of “me”

The name Aespa is a combination of “ae”, which stands for Avatar X Experience, and “aspect” meaning two-sidedness.

In an interview with The Glass Magazine, Karina shares that we show different sides of ourselves in different social groups.

“We have our own unique worldview of “meeting another self, avatar, and experiencing a new world”, and based on this story-telling concept we plan on showcasing a variety of music, performances and content through our activities.”

Friends we meet in primary or secondary school may only see a slice of who we are, that is/was related to that time period of our lives.

For some, we may feel like our family knows the “real” us, because we have spent the most time with them, both across years and in hours. While others may feel like our current friends know the “real” us as we spend a lot of time with them throughout the day.

With that being said, there are also other aspects of ourselves that we show only to our family, friends, or romantic partners.

It doesn’t mean we are fake or two-faced! Those sides are just as real and just as much a part of us as any!

We may simply have fewer opportunities to express them!

Image taken from Instagram: @aespa_official

So how do we balance our different sides?

Rather than search for “one specific” you, maybe all the different aspects of your personality and interests are actually what makes you, you!

Here are what the girls shared:

KARINA: For me, I always want to maintain a healthy balance of thoughts and emotions. I still have so much to learn in order to get there, so I always try to learn from others.

WINTER: I believe you can become more balanced by centering yourself, always allowing your words and actions to come from that central point.

GISELLE: Balance is about finding equality in achieving results. What you put in is what you get.

NINGNING: Balance to me is all about love. I think that love balances out every scenario.

As long as you’re not suppressing who you are, or acting like someone you’re not, your experiences help develop your personality and sense of self.

Image taken from Instagram: @aespa_official

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What’s my strength

What’s my strength

A cup of Espresso with Sabrina Carpenter

A cup of Espresso with Sabrina Carpenter

Gif taken from Instagram: @aespa_official


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