The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten, bonds people through the language of love


Sometimes our best intentions are misunderstood. It could be that our expression of care is misunderstood.

In The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten, Amane Fujiyama gave away his umbrella on a rainy day to Mahiru Shiina and fell sick as a result of it. In return Mahiru Shiina made an effort to take care of Amane Fujiyama, by sharing her home cooked meals with him. Initially Shiina brushed off the food she gave Amane as “just leftovers”. These however were important Acts of Service that showed her care for a classmate who struggled with living by themselves.


Acts of Service are one of the 5 Love Languages, categorized by Dr Gary Chapman, which communicate love and care in relationships and friendships. When it comes to these Love Languages (Acts of Service, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, and Receiving/Giving Gifts), we often prefer one more than the others. That is not to say that one is objectively better than another. Rather, what is better received or given is subjective to the individual. For example, for some people words of affirmation come more easily to them while others are more partial to quality time.


Performing Acts of Service can best be described as doing something for someone else that you know they would like or need. Some examples are helping them with a subject they are struggling with or helping them with chores. Remember that acts of service are just more than “doing things” or accommodating the person’s every desire. It’s more about communicating that they can trust you to have their back for the small and big things.


Here are some tips on performing Acts of Service:


  1. Pay attention to the small things

Sometimes people may have difficulty voicing their needs. By paying attention to the small things, you may find things you can help with that would make things a lot easier for them. Shiina’s initiative came from observing Amane’s poor nutrition, prompting her to help improve his quality of life.


  1. Ask and check in

One of the best ways to ensure that your act of service is one that is needed and appreciated is to check with the person. There may be other things that they may be in more need of help than the one you’ve identified. It can also be a relief for them that you


  1. Utilize your strengths

It’s good to want to help but going out of your way or comfort zone can have detrimental effects for you and the person you’re trying to help. While Shiina helped cook the meals, Amane contributed his share by cleaning up, allowing both of them to take care of each other to the best of their capabilities.


  1. Be careful not to burn out

This non-verbal form of love can be time-consuming and exhausting, so it’s important to also check in on your capacity to give so that you don’t burn out and develop resentment.


We don’t have to go to great extends to show our care, sometimes a listening ear makes a big difference in someone’s life

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