Stray Kids on facing the unknown

Is the unknown a challenge or an opportunity? Stray Kids shares their take.


Stray Kids is known for releasing some of the boldest tracks in K-pop industry since their debut. Their new single ‘Lose My Breath’, featuring Charlie Puth is no exception.

They shared in an interview with USA Today on their thoughts about new and unknown routes.

aImage taken from Instagram: @realstraykids

Being open to try new things

People say that humans are creatures of habit. Why change something that has been working for a long time?

While sticking to what we know can give us a sense of security, having a growth mindset means being willing to try new things, or take on challenges, so we can develop a sense of resilience and strength.

Hyunjin: “We’re constantly seeking new things we can try and we’re always working hard to show the people a new, unique aspect of Stray Kids. Rather than going for the safe road, I think we’ll constantly push ourselves to try new music and unique performances.”

So instead of focusing on the fear of judgement or the mindset that we look silly when we try something new for the first time, we should be proud of ourselves for putting one foot forward in growth!

Image taken from Instagram: @realstraykids

Having a bounce-back attitude

Challenges may be tough to overcome as it may feel like we lost momentum in our pursuit of our goals.

It’s okay to rest and re-evaluate your position to see if you need to switch directions.

Lee Know shared that there were a lot of “challenges” and “firsts” while working on ‘Lose My Breath’, and it was challenging to navigate.

While trying to strike a balance, Bang Chan shared his take on their journey:

“The fact that we still look into the future and can’t wait for what’s to come, that itself I think is a really big accomplishment”.

Image taken from Instagram: @realstraykids

What to do from here?

Just like Stray Kids, maybe giving ourselves and things a shot, and always choosing growth, will allow us to navigate life’s challenges easier!

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