Good Night World, 3 things we get from chosen family

Good Night World, anime for those with unhappy families


There’s a lot we hope that our family can do for us. From unconditional love and acceptance to providing support and a safe space. Unfortunately, very few families get it all right and some fall very short of what we need.


The Arima family in Good Night World is one of the latter. A workaholic father, an absent mother and emotionally neglected sons. They each find solace, acceptance and support in a chosen family (known as the Akabane Family) formed in the online role-playing game, PLANET.

: https://epicstream.com/article/where-to-start-good-night-world-after-anime

Bahiyyah Maroon, PhD defines a chosen family as one “made up of people who have intentionally chosen to embrace, nurture, love, and support each other regardless of blood or marriage”. Many turn to their chosen family when their biological one causes them anguish or can’t care for them the way they need.


How does the Akabane Family of PLANET serve as a chosen family for each other?


1. They meet needs that have been neglected by their bio family

Kojiro was a workaholic and lacked the much-needed connection with his sons. But playing as Shiro in the game, he had the opportunity to play a nurturing role to his guild members. In-game, Taichiro (Ichi) had the care and camaraderie he always wanted.


A person’s chosen family can take many forms depending on their needs, for example:

  • A group of friends who provide you with a healthier family environment than at home
  • A mentor who can give you counsel while empathising with you
  • A club or society who you can rely on if your biological family isn’t located nearby


2. They allowed each other the freedom to be themselves

Taichiro had to live with his parents’ expectations and code of conduct in the real world. Ichi, his in-game avatar, was given a lot more freedom to express himself. Often, societal expectations pressures family members to police one another to uphold the standards. This leaves little room for individuality outside the norm.



3. They provided support in battles and fought together

The members of the Arima family had to fight their personal battles alone. However, in-game they played as a team and felt that they could count on each other. Those facing struggles may come from families who are unfamiliar or resistant to their area of need. A chosen family whose members have faced similar struggles can provide much-needed support and guidance.

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