Wonderful World, Cha Eun Woo & the journey through Pain

Wonderful World, Disney Plus Singapore


I was never a fan of Cha Eun Woo perhaps dissuaded that he was all about looks. Wonderful World now airing in Disney Plus changed my mind.

In Wonderful World, Eun Woo’s portrayal of Gwon Seon-yul resonates with those of us who have experienced that same pain, the vulnerability, conflict and desperation to cling to anything to stay afloat.

Wonderful World, Disney Plus


Gwon Seon-yul, ‘the child who lived in everything that was dying’ lost his father under tragic circumstances. Terrified of losing his mother, a victim of a traffic accident, Seon-yul stalks the perpetrator both for vengeance and to survive. Clinging onto his pain, it became the only thing that gave him a purpose to carry on.

I’ve never seen Eun Woo cry so much in any drama. Despite the solemn theme, there was something very beautiful and healing in many of the scenes.

Eun Soo Hyun, the female protagonist played by Kim Nam Joo, who lost her son in similarly tragic circumstances had some poignant words about emotional pain and how to heal.


Pain, how to embrace it

“Don’t try to dull the pain. Make sure you treat the wound.”

Our brain translates emotional pain in the same manner as physical pain.

So you have license to feel the feels and cry your gut out. Cathartic release can be very helpful once in a while. Suppression or denial of emotions can lead to negative coping and surface in unfavorable behavior.

Honestly identify the emotion that is causing the pain. Is it anger, fear or a secondary emotion like guilt. Naming the emotions help you to know what exactly you are dealing with.

Seon-yul was both angry with the lost of his father and fearful about the imminent lost of his mother. While Soo Hyun’s complicated lost of her son, included elements of guilt.

But remember to treat the wound by being kind to yourself and processing situation



Wonderful World, Disney Plus

Pain, how to tame it

“Let’s not live like a bare tree anymore. Let’s sprout and live. Don’t stay in dying things.”

Pain can do the worst things to people. Unbridled pain can be destructive, not only to the one suffering but those around.

Soo Hyun is a respected professor of psychology and reknown author, yet when she lost her son in an accident, she lost control and took revenge on the assailant.

While we want to grief and feel the pain, there must come a time when we process the situation, challenge unhelpful thoughts and apply the ointment for healing.


Wonderful World, Disney Plus

Pain, how to journey on.

“In the middle of life’s journey, I got lost and wandered. No matter how much time passes, losing someone precious to you will always be lonesome. But I will keep going. If I keep going, one day the pain will lessen. I hope that all those grieving will find comfort. I hope the world will be more friendly to those in pain. I hope a wonderful world will come while you overcome your pain.”

Our negative actions caused by pain will serve it’s sentence in bad memories, broken relations and in Soo Hyun’s case, a jail term. But we need to move on, forgive ourself and change the narrative of our life.

Cha En Wu mentioned in the interview with Hyori that the year prior to the filming was a very difficult one for him. Yet in his pain, he gave us a Wonderful World. He says:

“I hope that those who have been hurt before and who are in pain will rise again”


CHA EUN-WOO 차은우 – ‘WHERE AM I’ M/V, fantagio

Pain is a journey and we need to ask ourselves ‘where am I’. Sometimes the pain gets worse before it gets better. Hold on, ‘Stay’.

If you are struggling too hard and feel like ending it all, please don’t act on it, the pain does go away. Don’t give up, there is help.

SOS helpline


We hope the following can help to ease your pain or someone that you know

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