Baby Monster on dealing with life’s challenges

2 tips on how to navigate life’s stressors

Instagram: @babymonster_ygofficial and @lalalalisa_m

If you are a BaeMon (Baby Monster fan) then you might just be looking forward for Baby Monster’s upcoming first fanmeet tour in Singapore!

With different charisma and personalities, the girls shared with Teen Vogue how they still remain positive despite how stressful life can be.

Image taken from Instagram: @babymonster_ygofficial

Shining wherever you are

Sometimes we may think that the greater the amount of things we have, the bigger the house we live in, and the larger the amount of friends we have, will make us cool or people will look up to us. This could be especially true if people around us compare us to our peers, cousins, or siblings and we always need to have “more” of everything.

BlackPink Lisa shared with Baby Monster that we don’t need to have all these things to be great.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re in the center or not. You can shine wherever you are.”

Comparison can lead to an increased amount of pressure. And while we want to be good at what we do, sometimes we don’t need to be the top or the best to shine. Sometimes, doing our best – shining wherever we are – is enough.

Image taken from Instagram: @babymonster_ygofficial

Making time for things you like

Baby Monster also shared that it’s important to have good work-life balance.

Pharita: “I think it’s important for everyone to find that time. We obviously get stressed sometimes, so I like to let my mind free and just check in with myself.”

Some of us may struggle to check in with ourselves because it may feel like we are stopping our journey from actively moving towards our goal. It may feel unnecessary to take a break when all we want is success.

But, resting and recharging allows us to see our plans clearer sometimes. It allows our body and mind to rest, and doing things that we love can also help increase our happy hormones!

For Ruka, she dances or simply moves her body to music. Sometimes, Chiquita joins her. Ahyeon likes to draw and if she really wants to decompress, she listens to music. Rami likes learning new things like dancing, singing, or playing instruments. Asa enjoys shopping, while Rora likes the simplicity of sleep.

Image taken from Instagram: @babymonster_ygofficial

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