New Jeans: the sweetness of ending a relationship

How sweet is it to leave a toxic relationship?


How can a broken relationship ever feel good? Well, New Jeans is talking about leaving toxic relationship in their latest release How Sweet,

No one sets out to be in an unhealthy relationship or for it to end. From the outside, it may seem like a toxic relationship is easy to spot. But things get more complicated from the inside when we are caught up in love and romance.

So, let’s find out how we can navigate leaving a connection and processing the (toxic) relationship.

Image taken from Instagram: @newjeans_official

Stay firm in your decision

“Wow, don’t you know how sweet it tastes?”

Falling back into communication with your ex can be tricky, especially if there seems to be a lot of “unsaid” love and confessions. But, setting some boundaries with yourself to reduce and/or stop communication from your ex will help with your healing journey.

It may seem extremely painful or even sometimes petty to others to block them off social media, but I found that removing the “toxic” thing in my life by nipping it in the bud helped me focus on myself and what I thought needed changing, and how I felt during the breakup.

Image taken from Instagram: @newjeans_official

Identify your fears when this person leaves

“Now that I’m without you”

Sometimes we may know that our relationship is not exactly super healthy, but we stay in it because it provides us with something. That could be validation, emotional support, or sometimes financial support.

Often is someone leaves you, the fears would be that I was unlikeable, my life was boring, and I wouldn’t lead the life I wanted on my own.

However, I realised that I would never get out of this toxic loop if I identify what exactly I needed from the other person. When it came to whatever the person was giving me – be it love, emotional validation, gifts, or even the lifestyle I dreamed off, I realised that I am the only one who can give all of them to myself for me to be truly happy.

Image taken from Instagram: @newjeans_officiaf

Don’t you know how sweet it tastes?

“I’ve been praying so hard for a miracle”

It can be really tough to find yourself again after leaving a relationship where you spent so much time and energy on someone. When they are going well, we are usually doing well. But when they are not going well, our health and happiness will likely be negatively affected.

But How Sweet tells us that love can still be found, and it can still be sweet if we give ourselves and love a chance again!

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