MLBB Atlas: Agile resilience, the key to survival



Atlas was not always the powerful Ironclad Kraken we know him now to be. His story was born from urgent crisis and deep adversity; the only choice for him and his race was to adapt or die. Decimation rained from above the Abysmal Sea, effects of the shifting sands of time and relentless wars on the surface.


The creatures in the Abysmal Sea were drawn into a panic, rushing upwards to escape their fate only to be torn apart by the Injunction. Atlas, in contrast, kept a cool head and considered his next moves carefully. This led him to be the one to survive, escape and thrive on the surface in the Mecha Sentry.



Sudden change can demand a lot out of us. It’s scale and immediacy can easily overwhelm, leaving us feeling frantic, helpless or lead us to burnout desperately trying to cope. A big part of resilience in this time has to do with keeping our wits about us and taking steady, intentional actions.


As we focus on facing the challenges head-on, here are some things we can learn from how Atlas overcame:

1. Accept that changing circumstances and adapting to them are part and parcel of life. Normalising change can help lessen the shock factor and allow us to approach it with a cooler head.


2. Remember that some situations are beyond your control. Instead of lamenting or sinking into self-criticism, try to accept this and look ahead.


3. Try to examine the challenges from a longer-term perspective instead of blowing them out of proportion. Remember to rely on trusted individuals to help if you are struggling with this.


4. Instead of focusing on the big overarching goal, set smaller realistic ones and take regular small steps towards achieving them.


5. Pause and think wisely . It can be tempting to rush into action but slowing down and working on a plan can help you focus and proceed purposefully.



Responding with resilience requires us to hunker down and take action. However it is also crucial that we not neglect our emotional and physical health during this time. Here are some steps you can take to better care for yourself:


1. Take a step back and try to allow space for what you are feeling about these challenges.


2. Grow supportive and caring relationships at home, among friends and colleagues. Accept help and support and help others when they need it. Join a Shadee.Care online support group to help you. 


3. Develop a positive view about yourself and be confident in your strengths and abilities.


4. Stay hopeful and optimistic. Visualise where you want to be and focus on the next step instead of fear.


5. Be sensitive to your needs for relaxation, be it taking time to exercise or have a peaceful moment to yourself. This will help build your endurance for the challenges ahead.


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