MLBB Gusion: Self-concept and resilience


Gusion grew up in a family famed for its magic-wielding prowess, yet he was steadfast in his identity as a dagger fighter. How was he able to prevail in the face of the pressures to conform to his family’s lineage? He developed a sturdy self-concept and defended it regardless of what came his way.


A self-concept is the image each of us has of ourselves in our mind that reflects how we judge ourselves and our identity. It is a powerful perception that influences how we view the successes and setbacks we experience. Having a strong self-concept, like Gusion, can help us prevail in the face of adversity and criticism from others.



Persevering in defining your self-concept is an important form of resilience because people who are confident in their self-concept are less likely to fall apart when criticised. It can also give you the courage to take risks with fearlessness, knowing that you can bounce back when things don’t work out. In contrast, people who don’t possess a strong self-concept may crumble in the face of criticism and self-doubt and be left feeling hopeless.




Gusion could easily abandon his daggers in favour of just wielding magic as his House wanted him to. But he knew doing so would be a betrayal of who he truly was. His strong self-concept allowed him to find a way to persevere authentically even as he integrated the use of magic in his fighting style.

Knowing what you like and who you are gives you important clues on how to adapt and change while staying true to yourself.


Here are some ways you can build up your self-concept:

1. Nurture yourself

Try to believe in who you are and the person you can become. Thinking of yourself as a “work in progress” can help nurture the positive side of yourself and allow for self-forgiveness when things don’t go your way.

If you feel disconnected to your true self, consider how you spend your free time and whether your activities are ones that support and build confidence.


2. Surround yourself with support

Sometimes we need a boost of validation that our authentic selves are accepted and celebrated. Surrounding yourself with supportive people can help you see the best in yourself, which can strengthen your self-concept. Join a Shadee.Care online care-group 


3. Accept yourself

How do you see yourself? Remember that there will be parts of yourself that you like and others that you dislike. While you can work on changing the latter, it’s important that you acknowledge them and know it’s okay that they are a part of you right now.


Addressing emotional wounds and healing from past traumas can be helpful in improving your self-concept. A therapist or counselor can also help you identify possible causes for lacking confidence or disconnection with yourself. In addition, they can teach you important coping skills and strategies for building confidence.


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