MLBB Karina: Resilience needs love



Karina was trained to be a cold-hearted assassin from a very young age. Yet, she always beheld her sister, Selena, with the greatest warmth and love. Karina hid her profession from Selena so that she would be kept away from the slaughter and killing. While Selena knew nothing of her older sister’s affairs, Karina considered her the only comfort in her life otherwise full of murder and violence. Selena was a home to which she could always return.


Selena, upon seeing Karina return multiple times with wounds, decided to seek training so as to protect her sister. Her endeavour went disastrously and she ended up being sacrificed to the Abyss. Karina, devastated at the news, continued her sojourn holding onto the belief that one day she would finally be able to take Selena home again.



Love plays a pivotal role in resilience and recovery, whether from personal setbacks, health issues, or life’s various challenges. When given and received from meaningful emotional connections, love has a profound impact on our physical and psychological well-being. The support, understanding, and care provided by loved ones can significantly impact our ability to bounce back from adversity and heal.


Karina and Selena’s story tells us of how a love for someone else, be it a partner, friend or family member, can be a powerful motivator for us to push forward. Each of them grew in strength fueled by the deep care and protectiveness they felt for the other. Like the sisters, we can find strength in our desire to be there for our loved ones and push through challenging times to return to shared activities and experiences with them. Also, knowing that there are others who count on us can give us a strong sense of purpose and belonging.

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Here are some other ways love contributes to our resilience:

Emotional support:

Knowing that we are not alone and that there are people we can turn to for support and care gives us an important sense of security. With this, we can boldly go forth and know that whatever the outcome, we can prevail.


Psychological strength:

Compassion and empathy from loved ones can provide much-needed comfort and a sense of hope. Whether it be in the face of bad circumstances or prolonged mental health struggles, the feeling of being understood and unconditionally accepted


Physical wellness:

Even though resilience and emotional support don’t take tangible form, they can have a huge impact on our physical wellness. Psychosomatic stressors can impact health and acts of kindness, as well as emotional care, can help bolster our endurance for the challenges ahead.


Finally, we must not forget that self-love is just as important as love for (and from) others in bolstering our resilience. Having others to rely on is beneficial but our love also has to come from within. Spend time cultivating self-compassion and self-care. Remember to recognise your worth, take care of your needs and be kind to yourself during tough times.


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