MLBB Mathilda: Stronger together



Faced with an ultimatum by invaders to leave their homeland or be wiped out, Mathilda’s tribesmen cowered in fear. With their leader injured, the tribesmen increasingly advocated leaving the village to avoid further loss. Little Mathilda, however, denounced their weakness, and called on everyone to take up arms and make a stand.


When no one responded, Mathilda left the tribe in disappointment and began to wander the vast west, looking for people who were willing to help. She came upon Clint, an old cowboy with a strong sense of justice, who then fought alongside her to defend her homeland.


Through this battle, Mathilda established a deep relationship with her comrades Clint, Claude and others. Thanks to this team, Mathilda could defeat the invaders and protect her home.



Mathilda’s story tells us that choosing allies who are supportive of us is a crucial step to winning our battles. Instead of leaving her homeland’s fate in the hands of those who would rather give up, Mathilda built a strong team of trusted individuals and took matters into her own hands.


Here are some types of people would make valuable allies:

1. People who give you empathic support

Having people help you feel heard and validated is just as important as having those who would work out solutions to the problem with you. This kind of support helps you keep your emotional balance and think with a clearer head.


2. People who inspire you to see and pursue a path forward

We all feel stuck from time to time, whether by difficult circumstances or stagnation, and we need that little bit of a push. Without comparing yourself to them, see if you can engage with individuals who have achieved or are en route to the life you want and draw motivation from them. Those who are able to encourage you while holding you accountable to your progress are especially invaluable to your journey.


3. People who provide perspective when setbacks happen

When we’re hit with obstacles, it can be easy to fixate on them and spiral into a panic. Reframing them in a positive light takes a lot of cognitive heavy lifting. That load is shared when we can rely on others to offer different perspectives.



4. People who help you manage surges at work/school or at home

Sometimes we face periods where we’re just swamped and overwhelmed. Having people who can take certain tasks off your hands can help you regain your balance and restore your sense of control over your life.


5. People who encourage you to laugh

Laughter not only gives you a break from thinking about current stressors, it activates neural pathways of positive emotions, ups serotonin levels and limits stress hormones like cortisol. Having loved ones to laugh with comes with a font of benefits from helping you relax, allowing you to think better and be more creative.


6. People who encourage you to unplug and take a break

While breaks are essential to our best work, it can be difficult to remember to take them. Having friends to remind you or even take breaks with you can help you get the breather you need.


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