MLBB Sun: Resilient grieving



Sun, an immortal mountain spirit born from a magical stone, encountered grief for the first time when he lost his friend, Li Li. Li Li, who was devoted to picking peaches for the Monkey King perished in a flash flood that struck the panda village while on his daily search. Sun rushed over but arrived too late. Despite the pleas of the other pandas, he did not have the ability to bring his friend back from the dead.


Unable to comprehend his grief, Sun fell into a deep slumber. In his search for the meaning of his immortality in the face of loss, Sun posed his queries to the Silver Dragon only to be met with this enigmatic response:


“Destiny weaves its tapestry for all living beings, guided by the hand of fate. Yet you and I, not bound by life and death, are exempt from their mortal sufferings. Thus, it is our sacred duty to protect the world, the cycle of life, and the fleeting moments in between.”



We may not have Sun’s immortality, but the Silver Dragon’s words apply to us in a similar way. That we are tasked to carry on even as we grapple with our loss and pain. Of course, grief is not exclusive to losing a loved one. Having to let go of a dream, accept the end of a relationship etc can also impact us in similar ways.


Resilient grieving can feel like an insurmountable task but it ultimately serves to explore your go-to behaviours about your own grief. More importantly, it reveals strategies to live peacefully with your emotions; whether cloaked in your loss or oriented to the future. Oscillating between these two strengthens resilience; accessing the good recharges the batteries allowing you to weather periods of despair.



Here are some small steps we can take towards resilient grieving:

1. Focus our attention

Grief can sap our energy against our will and therefore, it is vitally important for us to tend to things that help us preserve what energy we can. To do this, we must consciously select the content and quality of our daily life. Establishing routines, maintaining relationships and practising self-care are good ways to keep our focus.


2. Accept what we can change and what we cannot

The ‘What ifs’ are exhausting and futile. Know that it is entirely normal to have those thoughts, however, it is cruel to ourselves to keep them running endlessly. Holding space for how we feel while watching the door close is an important part of the process. Like Sun, we can carry on meaningfully towards our goals and purpose even while accepting what has happened.


3. Look for positive emotions

A characteristic of resilient people is the willingness to feel positive emotions. Positive emotions may not be the easiest to come by at this time but creating good experiences with simple pleasures is a great way to start.


4. Accept the good

Sometimes the good things are already present in our lives like supportive friends and enjoyable hobbies. It’s important to recognise that having moments of happiness is not a betrayal towards our pain. We can still acknowledge the pain while opening our hearts to positive experiences. Find support in a Shadee.Care online care group.


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