NCT DREAM on figuring life one step at a time


NCT DREAM is back with another concert in Singapore for their albun Dream()scape. What can we learn from their album? Let’s take a look.

Image taken from Instagram: @nct_dream”

The climb may be tough, but the view is worth it

NCT Dream’s message with Dream()scape was one of hope and consolation, especially when we feel lost and confused about our goals.

There could be times when we take a leap of faith and step out of our comfort zone to try new things. But then we start to think and prepare ourselves for all the things that could go wrong.

Mark shared that he hopes fans can find the strength and courage to move forward even if things are uncertain with Dream()scape.

“We’ve only shown a bright side of ourselves, but we’re also people who’ve been hurt, felt pain and lost our dreams.”

Perhaps what Mark is trying to say is that even if we fail or don’t reach the outcome that we want, if we go in with the mindset that trying in itself is a success then we might have already won half the climb!

Image taken from Instagram: @nct_dream

It’s okay to not have it all figured out

Renjun shared that with their song “Smoothie”, NCT DREAM wanted to share the message that “it’s ok to not want anything or have a goal.” They shared that one needs to take all the negative words from the world, grind it down into a “Smoothie,” suck it up, and move on.

“We’ve been singing a lot about hope, dream and passion. But if you think about it, isn’t it ok to not have hope or a dream? We want to give something to people without a clear goal — that’s how the whole album started.”

Image taken from Instagram: @nct_dream

Sweet dreams are made of these

Maybe that’s what life is all about. Cruising along, living in the moment, embracing new experiences, and taking things as they come!

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Image taken from Instagram: @nct_dream


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