Zelda, rebuilding from our brokenness



In the newest game in The Legend Of Zelda series titled Tears Of The Kingdom, Link undergoes significantly impactful events at the very beginning of the game. As the Master Sword shatters, Link becomes grievously wounded; his arm a mangled mess from the impact. As the game progresses, Link regains the use of his arm, strengthening it with various abilities he gains along the way.


Link’s adventure mirrors the healing journey from brokenness many people experience in the aftermath of tragic circumstances. As brokenness is often a painful experience, it is seen as an unwelcome, unwanted state of being. Yet, things that are broken can be mended, renewed and forged stronger than before. So while we cannot escape all the tragedies of life that may befall us, like Link we can find ways to become whole again in a new way.


To face brokenness is to also face feeling lost. It is normal to not know what to do in the aftermath of such an impact. However, you don’t have to have all the answers for change to still be possible. You can still move forward despite this feeling, without having to deny it or stop it immediately.


One of the most important steps is learning to accept the fact that, although you cannot control everything that happens in your life, you can learn effective coping methods and foster strong support systems to rely on for when the time comes.


Here are some steps you can take to help you navigate through brokenness:


  1. Take deep breaths.

When the feeling of brokenness threatens to overwhelm you, take a moment to breathe and be still. Breathe in deeply and then exhale slowly, this can help calm your inner world and release muscle tension.


  1. Practice acceptance and self-compassion

Giving yourself the space for self-compassion matters. Allow yourself to feel for however long you need to. Feel the sadness, fear, doubt, or whatever negative thoughts that may be rising up. It’s okay if you find difficulty in maintaining positivity. Be kind to yourself and learn to accept however you are feeling at that moment without needing to challenge it with logic.


  1. Practice gratitude

When everything is falling apart, it’s easy to think that nothing is going right. This is when we can look at the small things and find small motes of light. Look around you and notice at least one thing you can feel grateful for. Start with small things like the feel of sunshine warmth on your skin or the comfort of your bed.


  1. Take time to rediscover yourself

It’s easy to despair when all we see are shattered pieces of what we thought could be. Allow yourself the courage to explore outside of what you had planned. Perhaps it would lead to you unlocking new doors you thought previously closed.


  1. Develop a support system

Isolating yourself can be tempting when you feel at your lowest. Brokenness can also be something that is difficult to talk about. Having one or two trusted individuals to talk to and seek encouragement from can make a world of a difference in feeling loved when we need it the most.

Join a Shadee.Care group to find friend with the same interest and get emotional support. 


  1. Seek professional help

Prolonged or crippling feelings of brokenness may indicate a need for a professional therapist’s help. This is especially important if it becomes tough to function day to day and causes you to wonder if life is worth living.


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