What is ADHD?

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a development disorder of the brain which causes a person to struggle with focus and paying attention. A person with this disorder finds it difficult to control their impulses, control thoughts, words, actions and sometimes emotions.

Different people may display different symptoms.

Some may be more hyperactive and impulsive. These people may be fidgeting, restless, talk excessively and interrupt others. Others may have problems paying attention to details, have problems in organisation and time management and is rather forgetful.


However, there is a plus side to being ADHD.

Here are the benefits


High Energy

A person with ADHA may seem inexhaustible with a brain and often a body that goes at the speed of light. So these people come across as not only energetic but also determined. Often activities and careers involving physical activity and movement works very well for them.



While an ADHD person may be impulsive, they can also be a spontaneous load of fun and excitement to be around. They are often the light of the party and can come-up with the best ideas easily.



Although some ADHD’s may have problem focusing due to the low dopermine levels, when that person finds interest in a topic, they go into hyper-focus mode and is able to accomplish a lot in very little time.



Because the ADHD brain is wired differently, they often think out of the box, come out with ingenious ideas and solutions. If you have a problem that seem to have no solutions, try asking someone with ADHD.


Sense of Humour

As their brains work differently from many other people, so is their perspective of the world. Filled with energy and optimism, an ADHD person views life from the fun-side and is often the funny one with a great sense of humour.



As the ADHD frontal lobe and rational brain functions differently, many tend to be risk takers, venturing into new frontiers with their new ideas. Often, with persistence on their side, many will endure to achieve their unusual goals.



Often having to fight through the developmental years of being mistaken for being playful (inattention), lazy ( forgetful) or rude ( impulsive), these individual learn very effective coping strengths to get on in an unforgiving world and become very resilient.


Generous and Empathetic

Perhaps because of the way they have been misunderstood and judged, many people with ADHD are very empathetic and generous. Just make sure they don’t give away the whole store.


Strong sense of justice

Along with compassion and humaity, ADHD people have been shown to have a strong sense of justice.


Disordered or Neuro-divergent

Many people with divergent brains are often labelled as disordered such as autistic, obsessive-compulsive disorder, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, hyperlexia and the list goes on.

However, we can overcome the stigma of a label with the following:

  • Recognise that your brain is different, not disordered
  • Focus on your strengths rather than the negative things that people say about you
  • Find healing for whatever has happened to you in the past because of your difference.




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