AFA Booth Giveaway

Shadee.Care is a Singapore charity for youths, focused on helping you
to build a better mind to live an optimal life.

At Shadee.Care, you can find all the mind-care tools to be a mind warrior. Be authentically you and find a community that cares and supports you.



Here at Akiba Town, we are giving away loads of gift-vouchers where you can exchange for your fav merch.

Come over to our booth at F32


To win, answer any of the questions below. Each question will entitle you to win the amount of vouchers as stated.

The more you answer, the more you get to win!

Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page to fill in your information and hit send.

What is Shadee.Care about?

At our Booth

What is the meaning of our tagline ' A Better Shade of Life' ?
Elements of Resilience
Every anime hero will have some of these. What are the four elements needed to be the strongest, most resilient character?
Scan the Elements of Resilience QR code at our booth to find the answer
Some of the most inspirational anime characters have the most painful origin stories. If it relates to you, maybe you understand what pain is. Try out this quiz for your fave character, or try it for yourself.
Click here to do the quiz. After completing the quiz, press send to get your results.

Then come to Shadee.Care booth to show us your results and get the magic balm password

Meet our Magi

Every winning team has a cleric that can help the team-mates to heal. Come speak with our Magi and tell us what troubles you.

Day 1 (24 Nov): 6:00pm to 8pm
Day 2 (25 Nov): 2pm to 6pm
Day 3 (26 Nov): 2pm to 6pm

Otaku Care Group

Every hero has a journey and some of us may get lost in the woods for a while. That’s OK, we are here to help. This is our app-based chat group for youths who are true Otaku’s and who may need a bit of peer support. We have trained youth mentors here to help you find a better way forward.

Otaku Care Signup

Use your talent for other youths

We all have some form of talent and giftings. Your talents can be used to build yourself up and also to help other youths. Why not use your talent to encourage other youths and build a more caring and supportive world. If you have talent and would like to contribute in the following ways, please sign-up here:
  • (1) Talent in writing and with interest in Celebrities, Kpop, Manga, Movies, Sports, etc
  • (2) Talent in animation, illustration and graphic design
  • (3) Talent in video creation (short-form and long-form)
  • (4) Interest in supporting other youths in facing challenges in life. (Training provided)

  • I want to help other youths

    Isekai Quest – the journey through your mindverse

    What does your future look like? Are you ready for what’s ahead of you?
    Whether it’s a transition to another school or into work-life, the changes can be over-whelming for many of us. There is nothing wrong in feeling unprepared and even scared. But every person will have to go through a journey to become the hero that lies within each of us. Let us help you prep for this journey. This is an online role-playing game where you will journey with other players to fortify yourself for the next big change in your life.

    I want to find out more about Isekai Quest

    Please remember to fill in your information correctly. Winners will be notified by email.

    Helps us to reach you if you don't get the email.

    Please read Contest Terms & Conditions. These prizes and activities are only for youths residing in Singapore.

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