Anime in Pain – Little Pain Points Or Well Managed

Little Pain Points or Well Managed

Some of us are just really good in navigating through life so that we don’t fall into the pit of pain. Or maybe you are an ace in bouncing back from set-back, just like your fave anime hero.

Well done!

Photo via Tenor

To keep this up, continue to build up your character strength. Here is some tips for growing in resilience:

Build Resilience

Anime Stories

Self-Care Plan


Find Your Tribe

If you ever get those down days, try out our online care groups. Here, you can chat with other Weebs and Otaku’s about your day. We also have a trained mentor to facilitate the conversations to make sure everyone benefits from the chats.

On Meds?

If you are on meds for those low moods, we are rooting for you to get better and so proud of you that you are looking after yourself. Please stay faithful to taking your meds and don’t stop taking it just because you are feeling better.

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