Anime in Pain – You Are In Pain But Coping

You Are In Pain But Coping

We are sorry to know that life is sometimes painful for you.

Sometimes life happens no matter how hard we try to steer it. Like the Anime stories, everyone experiences disappointments, failures and nasty people. It’s ok to feel down in such times. So please be kind to yourself while you work yourself out from the bad experience.

Photo via Tenor

Many people in this range do not do anything proactive about their feels. Negative emotions can spiral into deep distress if it is not taken care of.

Here’s what you can do:

Get a Different Perspective

Manage Negative Emotions

Have a daily Self-Care Plan


Chat With Someone

If you ever get those down days, try out our online care groups. Here, you can chat with other Weebs and Otaku’s about your day. We also have a trained mentor to facilitate the conversations to make sure everyone benefits from the chats.

On Meds?

If you are on meds for those low moods, we are rooting for you to get better and so proud of you that you are looking after yourself. Please stay faithful to taking your meds and change your dose without seeking advise from your Doc.

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