Anime in Pain – Your Pain Level Is Severe

Your Pain Is Severe

We are so sorry that things have been so tough for you. I’m sure you can identify with the many Anime heroes who have gone through agonising pain and tragic circumstances. Like those heroes, please fight on until you win in this war of pain.

Photo via Tenor

A good way to keep fighting is to get people to fight with you. Some people in this range may be experiencing depression or anxiety. You don’t have to fear these conditions as people who are treated early can recover and live fulfilling lives.

Please find professionals in mental health to help you in your fight.

Find help here.

Sometimes, when you are feeling so distressed, you may not want to get help as they may feel that it is pointless. If you feel that life is pointless and have thoughts of ending life, please get help immediately.

Call SOS at 1-767

Suicide prevention plan.



Battling emotional distress can be very exhausting, so please put in place a self-care plan. Although a self-care plan is not a replacement for professional therapy, it can help to keep life stressors in check, clarify our emotions and help us as we try to live as best as we can.

Check out Shadee.Care’s Self-Care Plan here.

Your emotions are real and your psychological condition needs attention. Your life is precious, please seek help immediately.

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