Anime In Pain

We love anime and manga often because of the tragic experiences and the pain that the characters feel. If you relate to their pain, then you know what is pain!

How much pain is there in your life? 

Try this quiz with an anime character in mind. Or try it for yourself.

If you are doing this to really understand your real-life situation, your results will provide some ideas about what you can do to relief the distress. Join in a Shadee.Care online care groups, we have trained mentors that can provide the right support for you.

How to do the quiz

Go through all the questions and choose the score based on how you have been feeling over the last 4 weeks.

Fill in your email address if you want a copy of the answer sent to yourself ( Shadee.Care does not keep your data or information)

After completing the quiz, hit send, the answers will appear on your screen. This answer will not be kept by Shadee.Care and will be deleted once you leave the page.

While this quiz is based on a legit psychological test, it is not a replacement for professional assessment.

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