Care Ambassador

Shadee.Care is a community where you not only can get help when you are down, you can BE that help. So we are celebrating all those big hearted heroes who want to share a bit of themselves to help us get a better view of life.


Work of art by Qian Hong


Hello nice to meet you! I am Qian Hong, currently a Psychology Undergraduate Student. I personally believe that we all have our own bad mental health days, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is definitely difficult to come out of the pain, but every sign of progress counts. And I personally feel that every pain comes with learning lesson(s), and that brings growth in us.


Something about me is I have embarked on a self-love journey since few years ago, when I encountered immense episodes of sadness because of personal life encounters. We need to know that some unfortunate life events happen beyond our control, even when we have been sincere and kind in treating others. Hence, let’s be aware of the times when we have to be less hard on ourselves, and not cultivate self-blame and worthlessness within us.

Some things that I do to “cleanse” myself of negativity – take long walks and immerse myself in my music and the nature, Netflix or watch variety shows such as running man, drawing and writing my thoughts, and certainly, FOOOOOD!!


There are so many things that I would love to share with all of you, so stay tuned for more posts from me as we work together on building a healthier and happier version of ourselves! Stay kind!


As you brows around Shadee.Care, do look out for the warm and wise words of this awesome Care Ambassador

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