During this difficult season, Shadee.Care would really like to reward you for keeping mentally afloat even as we keep ourselves physically healthy. Boredom, worry, difficult relations can make staying home ever so stressful. Good news is, research has shown that deliberate engagement in activities that keeps our mind positive can help improve our mental resilience and improve our well-being. Focusing on encouraging words, reading up-lifting stories and tuning our minds to think positively can really help us in bad times such as now.  Also, humour has been found to decrease stress and improve our immune system. Read more.

So, feed your mind some good stuff each day!

As a sharing community, it would be great if you could do something to help with the bleak situation. Why not try sending us some encouraging quotes, inspiring stories or funny memes. Your contribution may just throw a life-line to someone out there who desperately needs some good vibes. We think every contribution deserves an applause. But if we find your post uniquely uplifting and helpful to our community here, we’ll reward you for your awesome effort.


Shadee Care will give away selected $20 gift card for:

  • Post that appear with this Shadee Pick  logo.
  • These will appear as the first 3 post that you see on the website. 


  • If you are not a member. You’ll need to sign up first and log-in to your account to send in your post.


  • Create your own or share with us funny memes, encouraging quotes or inspirational stories. Scroll to this box and click on the yellow button ‘ Create a Post’.


  • Stories with featured  image get a better chance to be selected, so do find a nice pix to load onto the ‘thumbnail’.


  • Rewards will only be sent to addresses in Singapore. We’ll send you an email on what gift-card is available and you’ll get to choose your reward. 



We’re really excited about receiving your good vibes, so get started now and be rewarded for staying home!





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