Character Strengths


Research has shown that people who know what their strengths are and who use these strengths on a regular basis are happier, more confident, have better relationships, solve problems better and experience less stress.

To use your strengths, you need to discover your strengths. There are 24 strengths listed below. Pick out 3 to 5 top strengths that you have.


Each day, practice using one of these strengths in at least one activity. Use your signature strength in a new way each day. Here are some examples of how you can use Shadee.Care to polish your strengths.

Perspective ( wisdom)

  • Look at the quotes listed under ‘Good Vibes’ and think of how you can live up to it.
  • Post a wise thought in Shadee.Care so that some else can learn from your insights.


  • Find a post in Shadee.Care that you like and send an encouraging message to the contributor.
  • Consider a social cause that you care about and post stories about the plight of these people.


  • Check out memes and gifs.
  • Post funny gifs and memes in ‘Good Vibes’


For a short season, Shadee.Care will be giving away a chance for you to discover your strengths in a comprehensive report, the ‘Youth Strength Analysis’ offered by the VIA Institute on Character. You will be given a chance to do a detailed survey that will capture your Signature Strengths (Core strength), Middle and Lesser Strengths to showcase your personality and how to put your strengths to good use. All you need to do is to send in relevant post to Shadee.Care. The member with the most post selected to appear in the site each month will win a Youth Strength Analysis report.

 For more information on character strength visit: http://www.viacharacter.org/www

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