Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias is a case of tunnel vision. It’s a way of thinking where you will choose information that supports your existing beliefs and affects how we interpret the information that we have chosen to focus on. Hence it filters out all other objective information to leave only the memories that reinforce what we want to belief in. Confirmation bias cause us to enhance our blind-spots and fail to see the true picture.

How do you know you are falling into confirmation bias.

  • Only choose to listen to what confirms your existing beliefs and ignore all other information
  • Fail to consider other evidence and information that may defer from your own views
  • Have strong stereotypes, black or white views or things and people
  • Selective remembering and discounting any information that challengers your bias
  • Get very emotional when there are counter-arguments about your belief.

What can you do about confirmation biases?

  •  Identify Blind spots in your life
  • Recognise cognitive distortions
  • Have a more diverse social network and knowledge of the world.


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