Creating destiny

Many of us drift along our lives not knowing where we are headed or living someone else’s dream for us. Perfectly ok, if that makes you happy. Perfectly ok if you know that you won’t look back one day and think ‘if only’.

Then there are some of us who are afraid to dream again because the last time we tried, it turned out a disaster.

The journey of life can be an exciting one if we know our destiny. Just like planning for a road trip or a holiday, knowing what we want to see and what we want to do can help to decide where we should go.

Here’s a planner for that all so important journey to your future:


(1) What do you really really want

If you could wave a wand and make it all happen, what will it be like?

Think about the following:

  • How would things be different?
  • What had you hoped for?
  • How would your day be different? How would each part of the day be like?
  • What would you be doing?
  • What would your loved ones be doing?
  • What would they say about you?
  • How would you look and behave? What would your best friend say about the way you look and behave?
  • How would all of the above make you feel? Has there been any situation in the past where you have felt this this way?

Maybe you dreamt this dream before but things didn’t quite turn out the way we imagined. Life happens. Regardless whose fault it is, we can always try again. Is there any part of that initial dream that you don’t want? You have the chance to change that now. What can life really be like for you?


(2) The way forward


What resources do you have?

To really achieve the life that you want and the good feelings that come with it, you need to know what resources you have.


  • What do you like doing?
  • What are you good at?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What are some of the good things that your friends say about you?
  • What character strengths do you have? curious, funny, kind, thoughtful, caring, fun, strong, brave, protective, friendly, honest, helpful, independent, sociable, fair, patient, confident, creative, generous, tolerant.


  • What doors are still open?
  • What new opportunities are there now that was not there in the past?
  • What does it take to be good at what is needed
  • How do your strengths fit in with what is available?
What pot-holes are there?

It’s always good to have a reality check and consider your weakness and road blocks.


While it’s no good to focus too much on your personal weakness, it always good to know your own limits. If your dream requires you to do things that you are weak in, then knowing your weakness is a reality check. However, you’ll never know your true capabilities and capacities for something until you really work on it. So finds ways to learn, grow and overcome those weakness.


Road Blocks

While we look at the opportunities that are available in society, we also need to know what are some of the road blocks. These could include the criteria and requirements of a job or a school application. Or it could be financial and time commitment that is required and which we don’t have. So it’s good to take all these into consideration when we dream our dreams. But there are always many roads that lead to destiny. There may be delays in some plans but if we are determined, we’ll get there someday.


(3) Make SMART goals

With all that thinking, it’s now time to start planning. Make sure your goals are SMART!

  • “S” stands for specific. Are your goals and objectives clear?
  • “M” stands for measurable. How can you measure your progress?
  • “A” stands for achievable. Can you achieve your goals and objectives?
  • “R” stands for realistic. Do you have the resources to achieve your goals?
  • “T” stands for time-bound. When do you intend to achieve your goals?

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But if you have completed your road- map to your future and ready to go, put on your sunglasses as you step out to your bright journey ahead.

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