Dream catcher

What if we don’t need to stumble around wondering where we’ll end up in our lives? What if that thick haze would part and we can see our future clearly?

Journey with us to:

  1. What personal strengths you have that can make this happen
  2. Understand what you really want for your future and what life can be like.
  3. Know your emotions and how you react
  4. How to start to achieve this dream.


For starters:

Ask yourself?

  • Where are you now?
  • What is the situation that you are in that is causing you to feel lousy?

Packing the Luggage:

Pack in the right stuff

Self-knowledge and awareness is one of our best weapons against doubts and discouragement that we will encounter in the journey of life. Many of us will know what we are good at or bad at in terms of doing things. That’s important. But what is more sustaining is knowing the real you, your character strength and natural abilities.

There are 24 character strengths, Write down at least 5 strengths that you have.


Read: What is your strength



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