Fantasy Role Playing Online Game

Shadee.Care is a Singapore registered charity, focused on optimising the lives of youths by improving their social, emotional, and mental well-being through the latest youth trends.

We are currently inviting 20 participants, age 18 to 25, to pilot our online version of Fantasy Role-Playing Games.


What can you benefit from this game?

It is no longer sufficient to have domain knowledge and hard skills to survive in your career. Skills Future Singapore has identified 16 critical core soft skills that are much needed in the future of work.

Shadee.Care has developed a Fantasy Role-Playing game that will help players identify and develop these critical core skills that is needed to thrive both in school and especially in the working world.


What is the game about?

This game plays like a table-top board game and is based on a high-fantasy world setting where participants will journey as a group through different scenarios and challenges.

Each player can choose any of their beloved characters from any anime, movie, game, or make up their own avatar to go through this adventure to discover and enhance:

  • Self-awareness, recognise and manage emotional and stress response, develop agility and adaptability to overcome uncertainty and challenges to improve personal effectiveness.
  • Interact effectively with other team players, accommodate different working styles, communicate and influence others in the workplace, school or any relational setting.
  • Think creatively, analyse problem and risk, identify opportunities and make wise decisions to thrive in performance.


What will be required of participants

Participants only need to show-up online and have fun playing the game. No personal sharing is expected in the game. Pre-game information on how to create their avatar will be emailed to them.

Students who fills up and returns the feedback form after the game will be appreciated with a $10 Grab or Starbucks gift-card.


How do you sign-up

If you are keen to organise this game for your community, please contact us and provide us with your information




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