Find your tribe


Feeling stressed, overwhelmed with no one to talk to?

Find your tribe in Shadee.Care!

Online care group for youths with qualified mentors ( free of charge )

Study, relationships, expectations, uncertain future and work, there are so many reasons to be stressed about these days! But we don’t have to be alone in these worries.


Shadee.Care has a safe-space care-group build in an app,  where you can chat with other young people your age, with similar problems and struggles.

You can choose to be totally anonymous as only User Names will be used in the chat.

Not to worry, we won’t leave you alone to solve all of your problems by yourselves.  We will provide relevent information and effective approaches used by therapist such that you not only can find your solutions but also help one another in the group. We also have trained youth mentors and drop in counsellors to guide the group towards a better way forward.


In this group, we will:

  • Understand more about ourselves to build a more confident and resilient self.
  • Understand and optimize our stress.
  • Explore effective ways of dealing with unhelpful thoughts and emotions.
  • Find better ways of handling difficult relationships.
  • Learn better ways to cope with the challenges that we face at home, school, work, social media and our future.

These groups are only for youths in Singapore aged 15 to 25.

Find your tribe and sign up for your choice care-group

Sign up below and we will send you an email to download the app so you can get started on the chat.

Please add in your mobile or telegram handle so that you will not miss out on our emails.


If you are from a specific school. Sign up here

    SecondaryJC and PolyTertiary


    If you are an Anime fan, sign up here


      Shadee.Care is a Singapore charity registered with MOH. We abide strictly to ethical professional principles with regards to confidentiality. Your information is required for us to contact you and ensure that you are safely and appropriately allocated to the right age group. Only your user name will appear in the chat group.

      While we have qualified and trained mentors to guide and provide support for the group participants, this group is not a replacement for therapy if you have a diagnosed mental health condition.

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