FRPG, Interacting with others – Campfire (13)


You settle down for a break. Over a campfire, you and your teammates get to know each other, swapping stories and joking and laughing. You learn a little about them.

Share a little about yourself that others might not know. When others speak, practice active listening.


Mirroring a statement for active listening 

1. Restate a sentence – to clarify that you have understood the other person

2. Reflect an emotion – to show you understand that person and to name the emotion

3. Paraphrase and Reframe the situation – Summerize the situation to validate that person’s experience and to offer another perspective.

Note: Selective use of the above approaches will be needed in different context.


Caring Conversations


Active listening is a beneficial skillset.
This includes listening to what the customer or your supervisor wants and clarifying what is needed and what is really important.


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