FRPG, Thinking – Fishing (16)


Coming to a river, you see that it is full of fish. It’s a great opportunity to restock. You wade into the river and try to catch yourselves a fish. After a long struggle with a huge fish, you drag it onto shore. It’s a massive, golden carp, and it looks like its scales are made of real gold! You could probably sell this for loads of money! Then your eye catches something glittering in the water.


What do you do? Keep the fish or let it go so that you find out what is glittering in the water?


Making wise decisions


Often at the work-place we have to make quick decision in order to achieve our targets and our goals.
There will always be 3 different sets of objectives to consider: personal, team and corporate objectives. Sometimes, these objectives don’t always align.
Knowing how your personal values align with your organisations values will help you make the right decisions.



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