Is it silly to be sad?

Most of us don’t like to cry in front of others when we are hurt or disappointed. We put up a false front so that nobody knows how sad we really are because it will make us look silly. But is that really good?


Research has shown that it is actually healthy to express our emotions. People who talk about how they feel have less physical and mental problems. In fact, having a catharsis, which is a strong release of emotions, can be good for our mental health under a safe setting with a trained therapist. However, not everyone may have the opportunity to do that or even need to. Some times, we just need a little outlet and a change of activity to overcome our sadness.


What can you do when you are sad

(1) Do something you enjoy with your friends


(2) Life is like a doughnut, you can look at the hole or the dough


(3)Talk to someone about your sadness


(4) Write down your life story and add a positive twist to the end



How do you know if you have depression

According to the DSM-5, a manual used to categories mental distress, you have depression when you have five or more of these symptoms for at least 2 weeks:

  • A depressed mood during most of the day, especially in the morning
  • You feel tired or have a lack of energy almost every day.
  • You feel worthless or guilty almost every day.
  • You have a hard time focusing, remembering details, and making decisions.
  • You can’t sleep or you sleep too much almost every day.
  • You have almost no interest or pleasure in many activities nearly every day.
  • You think often about death or suicide (not just a fear of death).
  • You feel restless or slowed down.
  • You’ve lost or gained weight.
  • Feel irritable and restless
  • Lose pleasure in life
  • Overeat or stop feeling hungry
  • Have aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems that don’t go away or get better with treatment
  • Have sad, anxious, or “empty” feelings

Depression can be treated, please seek professional help if you have these symptoms.

Here is where you can find help

If you are engaging in self-harm and feel like ending your life please seek help immediately.

SOS – Samaritans of Singapore 

(24 hours, counselling for people in crisis, feeling suicidal or experiencing suicidal grief and loss)

1800-221 4444


Mental Health Helpline ( 24 Hours)

6389 2222



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