Managing Emotions

Image by Magic Creative, Pixabay


Having a range of different emotions that are positive and negative is all part of being human. Although we all want to be happy all the time, negative emotions does have a roll in helping us be alerted to danger and to understand ourselves better. However, if we fail to understand what we are feeling and if we don’t know how to manage our emotions, it can get in the way of our relationships and in the pursuit of our goals in life.

Here are some tips in managing those defiant emotions:

Name the Emotions.

When you have a million different feelings running riot in our head, slow down, breath, then try to identify each emotion that you are feeling. Name each emotion that you are feeling. By identifying the emotion  you can reduce the effect of the feeling that that emotion produces.

Ask yourself what you are feeling. Name all the feelings.

  • I feel angry,
  • I feel sad
  • I feel hopeless
  • I feel cheated
  • I feel anxious…….

Now that you’ve named the emotions, ask yourself, which is the predominant emotion, or the emotion that is the strongest? Then look at the chart and find out which zone you are in and what you should do.


What else can you do to manage your emotion?

  1. Observe your emotion and give it a name. E.g Angry Andy. Take a step back and observe what Angry Andy wants to do.
  2. Recognize that Angry Andy may be part of you but not all of you. You are more than your emotion.
  3. Sometimes fighting Angry Andy may make thing’s worst. Can you imagine getting angry with anger?
  4. Just because Angry Andy is around, it does not mean you have to listen to him and do as he says.
  5. Reframing or reappraising your situation will help you to use the logical side of your brain and to quieten down the emotional part of the brain. Think of how your thoughts have distorted the truth and try thinking of the brighter side of things. Here is how you can get rid of negative emotions and Distorted Thinking.

You don’t need to let those negative feelings destroy your day. By doing the above consistently, we understand our own behavior better and free ourselves from being manipulated by unwanted emotions.


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