Marine Parade New Year Wishlist

Gadgets and gizmos a plenty, sometimes all we want for Christmas is to be heard and understood.

Ever felt like that at home, with your parents? Are they too busy, too tired, too concerned about everything else to really know how you feel and what you really want? When a face to face chat just doesn’t work maybe we need to find a better way to get that information across. We know that parents don’t like to hear bad news, especially about themselves. So, we’ve come up with a way where your thoughts, feelings and concerns can be heard or should we say hinted gently to parents in Marine Parade.

Here’s how:

  1. We are creating an online ‘letter box’ in Shadee.Care, where you can drop in messages about what you wish life can be like at home; what is troubling you; or just how your generation thinks.
  2. Your message is completely anonymous. You only need to fill in a username and your email contact.
  3. We need your email mainly to prevent spam and also to contact you with up-dates about this event only if absolutely necessary. Your email and the information provided will not be stored on this server and will be deleted once this event is over.
  4. You can fill in your block number if you want it to get a little closer to home. But if you don’t, it’s OK.
  5. We will collate all the messages and list all of them down exactly as it is written. But your username or email will not be included.
  6. We will hand over the messages to your RC (no names or emails included). The RC will disseminate the messages according to the blocks or generally to Marine Parade Residents, together with some parenting tips.
  7. We hope that this will help your parents take one step closer to knowing how you feel or how your generation feels but without having their feathers ruffled.

Please submit your wishlist here:


    Here are some examples of what you can write:


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