Marine Parade, Keep Calm and Carry On


Join this online chat for Marine Parade youths, that will help you to meet friends your age, find common interest and share about the stuff you’re going through in life.


Friendship group on Zoom

Meet other youths your age in this one and half hour zoom session and share about your fandom, hobbies and interest.

You can keep it chill and talk about only what’s cool about you.

Or share your hopes for the kind of future you’d like to have, or  your uncertainties and questions that you have about navigating through life. You can be sure you are not alone in this. Learn about your personal strengths and how you can make it work in every aspect of your life.

If you have a burning question about some of life’s challenges either for yourself or a friend, you can put in an anonymous note so that we can discuss it in the group or share it in small buddy pairings.

It doesn’t end there. If you’ve made some friends and would like to continue on in a supportive group chat, we’ve created a safe ongoing, online space where you can hop right in and continue where you left off.



Online Text-Based group chat!

Because we know that some of us just find it awkward or uncool to talk to class-mates, or family about what’s going on in our lives, this group chat is that Safe Space for you.

This is a text-based, safe, online space where you can share openly with other people your age group. Your identity does not have to be revealed in this group.


(1) Moderated by caring and trained facilitators. 

Ok, we know, you’ve been on some chat groups where people pile-on in the wrong way and you go away feeling bruised. Not to worry, we have trained moderators to make sure the group is a safe and accepting space while allowing everyone to be authentic.


(2) Guided by information from professional counselling toolkit

No, no, we are not going to throw you out into the wild for you to find your way through the dark alone.

As a group you will have access to materials that are used by professional counsellors that help people find answers to some of the tricky questions in life.

The materials will help each participant to understand about themselves better and how to develop coping stategies that work.  It also include materials that will help you to find better ways of handling difficult relationships and navigate through the challenges that we face at home, school and social media.

Learning and applying these material will be guided by a trained youth mentor, life coach or counsellor.


(3) You are totally safe in this group

Some chat spaces are risky as your personal details can be unwittingly leaked out to other people who are not in the group. This online safe-space that we have specially created for youths,  is totally safe as it is an app specifically put together for confidential discussions, fulfilling all the requirements for professional therapy held online.


Age of participants:  Students age 17 to 21.

Number of participants per group: Max 20 participants

First online learning session: 3 June 2023.

Please sign up by  15 May 2023



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